Everything in life is about social interaction. From family events, school, team sports, dances, music concerts, college, interviews, career, and business world to every day person-to-person communication, the quality of social interaction is strongly valued. The goal of our etiquette courses is to help you develop the confidence and skills needed to deal with any social activity. From basic politeness and table manners to proper business/office presentation, Tina Modeling House of Etiquette offers a wide-range of classes to mold you into a social, confident, and successful person.


全世界就如一個地球村,一切, 從禮開始,做一個國際現代人。


課程包括: 社交禮儀、餐桌禮儀、得體的介紹禮儀、說話的藝術、化粧及皮膚保養、個人形象分析及打造、交换名片的注意事項及搭車、搭機禮儀等。


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